Zurich Christmas Eve

Singing Christmas Tree in Zurich–where hundreds of children from different schools and choirs take shifts singing carols.  Straight from the Hauptbahnhof in Zurich, we walked directly to the singing Christmas Tree in the heart of the shopping district, just as the children began to sing carols in English, German and French.  Jake visited the biggest toy store in Europe; we got a quick dinner in the train station and then caught a train to our hotel.  The next night was Christmas Eve, and we worshiped at the International Protestant Church downtown, where we were invited in an hour early to get out of the cold and enjoy tea and treats.  It was a lovely service, with seven Scripture readings, each by a foreign national from a different part of the world, in a different accent, but all in English.

Franz Carl Weber.  The biggest toy store on the Continent.  We found it by asking (auf Deutsh!) the first child  we met on the street.  She answered us in English :)   Zurich Christmas shopping

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