Photos 2007-08

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 Long drive from the first tee in our new car (A3 with 80,000 miles on it! looks good as new).

October school holiday:

Inspired by the Picasso museum, Jake developed his Spanish architecture skill by making burial stones in the sand at sunny Malaga, Spain.

Getting settled in St Andrews:



One response to “Photos 2007-08”

  1. Glorious! Delightful! Thankful!

    What a wonderful treat! I hadn’t even known you were traveling in all those wonderful places. The pictures are sublime. The writing, bard-worthy. The beauty of the first picture of Dunstaffnage Castle made me gasp out loud. Those audible cries were followed by “laugh out-louds” with Bruce and Jake in ‘n out of the stocks and Jake’s fashion show. I loved all the pictures and seeing your three beautiful faces fills me with longing and love. The picture of the beautiful Scottish lad in the sand is breath-taking. (Yes, Jake, boys can be beautiful!) The stoic guard’s Mum should lengthen his pants for him. Your ruby red car is a gem. How wonderful that all of you can see and be in such glorious places. What an opportunity for Jake and his interest in history and military matters!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love you!
    Misty-eyed Mom