Missions Tour 2010

DAY 1 – Sonoma to San Rafael to San Francisco – 62 miles

The start of the Great Adventure! Brian, Tim & Bruce at Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma, ready to roll!
Bruce at Mission San Rafael Arcangel.
Tim & Bruce crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.
Bruce, Tim & Brian at Mission San Francisco de Asis

DAY 2 – San Jose to Santa Clara Santa Cruz -??70 miles

Tim & Brian at Mission San Jose
Brian, Tim & Bruce at Mission Santa Clara de Asis
Re-fueling with humongous falafel sandwiches before climbing up Big Basin Rd.


Hwy 9 was closed. Did that stop us? NO! We had the last 10 miles into Santa Cruz all to ourselves!!
The three intrepid riders arrive at Mission Santa Cruz.

DAY??3 – Santa Cruz to San Juan Bautista to Carmel – 92 miles

Los Tres Amigo en la Mision San Juan Bautista
Brian & Tim on San Juan Grade (south from San Juan Bautista)
Bruce climbs San Juan Grade
Enjoying the sun at Montery Bay
Bruce & Tim ride Pebble Beach
Brian's new bell with the bells of la Mision San Carlos Borromeo del Carmelo (Carmel Mission)

DAY 4 – Carmel to Soledad to San Antonio – 75 miles

Bruce approaching Mission San Antonio
Tim, Bruce, Vince and Brian en la Mision San Antonio de Padua
Bruce the Cat Whisperer

DAY 5 – San Miguel to San Luis Obispo- 55 miles

Vince, Bruce, Tim & Brian at Mission San Miguel
Father Larry gave us a private backstage tour of Mission San Miguel
Happy riders on Old Creek Road (near Cayucos)
Tim, Vince, Brian & Bruce at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

DAY 6 – San Luis Obispo to La Purisima – 75 miles

The coastal fog made for an ethereal ride on Orcutt Road

 We had our first mechanical issues today. Brian broke a shifter cable, and on the ride to the nearest bike shop, Vince flatted both front & rear tires from thorns. We rode a few miles out of??our way to Velo bike shop in Nipomo…

The team of mechanics at Velo bike shop working on Vince's flatted tires.

Crack(ed) mechanic with Brian's bike on the workstand, adjusting the derailleur after replacing the cable.

  …where we found that the shop didn’t open for 2 more hours! Good thing we carried spare tubes & a spare shifter cable!


Mission La Purisima Concepcion de la Santisima Virgin Maria


DAY 7 – La Purisima to Santa Ines – 44 miles

Santa Rosa Road from Lompoc to Buellton – one of the prettiest we've been on!


The team at Mission Santa Ines (in Solvang).


DAY – 8 Santa Ines to Santa Barbara to San Buenaventura – 67 miles

Bruce & Vince have headed for home, and Tim & Brian ride over San Marcos Pass to Santa Barbara


Tim rides up Stagecoach Road over San Marcos Pass

Mission Santa Barbara! End of the road (for now) for Tim.

  After Tim headed for home from Santa Barbara, Brian soldiered on alone.

Beach bike path near Ventura
Brian arrives at Mission San Buenaventura

DAY 9 – San Buenaventura to San Fernando Rey de Espana – 55 miles

Brian & Sylvia stayed with Brian’s parents in Camarillo, so Brian “cheated” and started in Camarillo, rather than having Sylvia drive to Ventura to start at the mission. (Editor’s note: on the drive back north, his guilt compelled him to complete that segment.)


Santa Susana Pass was a desert delight


Brian & Sylvia at Mission San Fernando
From San Fernando, Brian & Sylvia drove across the L.A. basin to Mission San Gabriel Arcangel…Mission San Gabriel Arcangel


Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

…and then drove across the rest of the basin to Mission San Juan Capistrano.

DAY 10 – San Juan Capistrano to San Luis Rey to San Diego – 90 miles

Cool and gray skies and a headwind didn't dampen Brian's smile as he rides the SoCal coast.

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia


Approaching Torrey Pines


 The sun finally came out as Brian turned downwind 5 miles from Mission San Diego. 

Brian celebrates arriving at the 21st and final mission of the trip.



After riding 683 miles between the California Missions (plus another 50-60 just for fun), it’s time to call an end to this wonderful trek.

The end of the ride.