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  • RSVP 2011

    Jake and dad completed their third-in-a-row RSVP ride from Seattle to Vancouver BC (and party). This made Jake the youngest rider in the event for three years running (as far as we know) at age 12 this past summer. His first was age 10. Bruce survived the ride with a broken finger, road rash, and…

  • Lake Colchuck

    Boy Scout Troop 600 hiked up the ice-glazed stone steps toward the lake and the Dragontail, and the enjoyed the beautiful last weekend of October with vistas of the peaks and Colchuck Glacier. Bruce was one of the lucky dads to make the trip (and this may be a first–was the oldest (!) dad on…

  • Skyscraper Pass 2011

    the Baker Boys made their second annual trek to Skyscraper Pass on the Wonderland Trail at Mt Rainier National Park. This time we went further into the park and camped on the other side of the pass in cold fog and mist. We awoke to an unexpected view of the top of the moun tain…

  • Missions Tour 2010

    Ready to Roll! We’ve converged upon Sonoma, in the heart of wine country, and at the end of the Mission Trail, where Padre Junipero Serra’s dream ends, and ours begins. The adventure awaits, as we dine tonight and in the morning ride through our first three missions, beginning with the local one here, San Francisco…

  • I-5 weekend

    Another father-son bonding experience–23 hours in the car together, from Nana’s house in Rancho PV, to Seattle. Did the In-N-Out Burger vs. Burgermaster taste test.  Good ol’  Burg’master won hands down, though In-N-Out gets an honorable mention for real potato tasting fries.

  • Transitional weather

    Transitional weather. This is a euphemism for snow crystals in August. But we also had sunshine. Cold sunshine. The mountain played peek-a-boo with the clouds & we were treated to the wonders of Wonderland yet again. Awesome! Thank God for father-son times liket this.

  • Mauna Kea (aka ‘paradise’)

    what a day! got back from my bike ride before Jake & Linda got out of bed. then tennis clinic, swimming in pool, kayaking in ocean, swimming in ocean, lounging at beach, then throwing fish on the BBQ. not bad for a long day’s work!

  • June wedding

    The skies shone beautifully on Katie & Mikhael’s wedding in Issaquah. Bruce officiated. We danced into the long summer evening. Jake’s sneakers fit right in with the tuxedoed and canvas-soled groom and men. Then he even snagged the garter, thanks to a quick-thinking manoeuver by his older brother who tossed him up like a rugby…

  • Happy Birthday, Ryan!

    BBQ, and chocolate cake, on a perfect summer evening.

  • Iona