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  • happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Grand Canyon

    We had perfect weather and a perfectly hot 128 F temp at the bottom of the canyon. Linda & Jake rode the mules, and Bruce went on his own two feet. We stayed in a rustic cabin at Phantom Ranch down there, with an air conditioner that dropped the temp in the cabin all the…

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  • RSVP 2010 edition

                    For the second year in a row, Jake earned the white jersey as the best youngest rider. This year we had brilliant sun and brutal headwinds, which turned Chuckanut Drive into a welcome respite. We snapped a shift cable Saturday morning, and did a roadside MacGiver fix which got us up and down the hills…

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  • Carpe Diem: Skyscraper Peak

    On the last weekend before Ryan hits the road for Cali and law school (with Jacob in tow as his traveling companion for the road trip), I craved some time with my sons. So after a leisurely Sunday morning I suggested a nice little day hike.  But where? My favorite trail, of course–The Wonderland, at…

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  • El Salvador

    San Diego de Tenango 2010 We spent a week in this village sponsored by Agros and UPC, getting to know the people, preparing the Corn Festival (more ways to eat and drink corn than I ever imagined), hand-mixing and spreading concrete floors, learning each other’s languages, praying, and admiring the beauty of life and this…

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  • RSVP 2009

    Jake kept the Baker dynasty intact, after 15 years, 4 children, 4 STP’s (Ryan did 3 of them, Natalie the 4th), 2 RSVP’s (Jillian & Jake), and over 1,000 miles of cycling.  Jake & I did the 185-mile ride from Seattle to Vancouver B.C. this past weekend.  He was awesome, full of willpower and leg…

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  • School’s Out for Summer!

              Sunrise, Mt Rainier. 4 friends. 120 miles. 9900′ of climbing. One awesome day.

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  • Pasqua in Italia

    Venerdi Santo (Good Friday) in Lucca, then Pasqua in Firenze at the Duomo, where we met Larry & Victoria after the fireworks and worship. Then we stayed with them in Cortona, under the Tuscan sun, of course.  Wow! What a beautiful place.  More Photos

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  • Paris

    Highs & lows in the city of light.  We had two days while Jake was on school holiday.  Great city, of course, but we toured Le Musee de l’Armee, WWI & II wings, so it was more war. Closed our visit with a moment at the deportation memorial, at the tip of the isle de…

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  • Normandie

    History field trip. Such chaos and so many lives lost on those beaches and fields. So many battlements, armaments and plans; their end was destruction. In the struggle to reorder events, the only order now visible is in the neat lines, columns and diagonals of the cemetaries.  [Photos]

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  • Desolation (not!) Sound 2012

    What did you do on your summer vacation? Went to school. Boat school, that julietta casino online is! We passed all our exams (Bruce is now a qualified skipper), and cruised the most beautiful waters available, and rafted up with dear friends too. Wow. We need to do this again soon. Desolation Sound 2012 photos:…

  • RSVP 2011

    Jake and dad completed their third-in-a-row RSVP ride from Seattle to Vancouver BC (and party). This made Jake the youngest rider in the event for three years running (as far as we know) at age 12 this past summer. His first was age 10. Bruce survived the ride with a broken finger, road rash, and…