Cardinal of Scotland visits St Andrews school

Inaugural mass with Cardinal O’Brien at Greyfriar’s R.C. Primary SchoolJacob’s school, Greyfriar’s, received a visit today from Cardinal Keith O’Brien, to celebrate the special inaugural mass, and “baptize” the new school building into new life.  It was a lovely ceremony, with the children singing beautifully and saying corporate prayers.  Jacob’s class and all the students have been preparing all week.  The event today solved the mystery for me–all week I have been wondering who is this “colonel” who is going to come to lead worship, as Jacob has been describing it to me each day.  Now I know!  It was Cardinal O’Brien.  He is a very amiable man.  I was impressed to read about his recent trip to Darfur, the place in the world that most seems in need of light.  The Cardinal is flying to China in two days.  I was most impressed that he visited Jacob’s primary school.

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