Bruce & Jake at Dunnottar Castle on an spetacularly clear day.    What a rich weekend of great people and places!  We visited Methlick, at the invitation of Pastor Matt to have Bruce preach at Methlick Parish Church, in the beautiful valley of the Ythan River.  Friends toured Dunnottar Castle with us, and then we visited our first ancient “Stone Circle” and two more castles on the way home.   Matt & Julie at the Manse.  THey are friends of friends from Seattle, and Julie did her PhD with Alan Torrance, like I am.   Rocky beach below the castle on the North Sea.  The sea must have replenished the tons and tons of rocks carried up the cliffs to build the fortress.

 I can’t imagine this rock sitting there without a castle on it.  That would have been a naked absence.  A window on the world is a seat of power.  Road trip with Paul & Mary made the day special.

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