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I-5 weekend

Another father-son bonding experience–23 hours in the car together, from Nana’s house in Rancho PV, to Seattle. Did the In-N-Out Burger vs. Burgermaster taste test.  Good ol’  Burg’master won hands down, though In-N-Out gets an honorable mention for real potato tasting fries.


Transitional weather

Transitional weather. This is a euphemism for snow crystals in August. But we also had sunshine. Cold sunshine. The mountain played peek-a-boo with the clouds & we were treated to the wonders of Wonderland yet again. Awesome! Thank God for father-son times liket this.


RSVP 2010 edition

                For the second year in a row, Jake earned the white jersey as the best youngest rider. This year we had brilliant sun and brutal headwinds, which turned Chuckanut Drive into a welcome respite. We snapped a shift cable Saturday morning, and did a roadside MacGiver fix which got us up and down the hills stuck in middle gear until we found the mechanic to give us a new cable just before reaching Vancouver. We celebrated with the traditional bottomless root beer float, Jake’s post-ride favorite.  Perhaps this regimen will carry him to Le Tour in 2025… who knows?  We had the pleasure of teaming up with great traveling companions, Ron & Jan for this ride, which added to the fun.


Carpe Diem: Skyscraper Peak

On the last weekend before Ryan hits the road for Cali and law school (with Jacob in tow as his traveling companion for the road trip), I craved some time with my sons. So after a leisurely Sunday morning I suggested a nice little day hike.  But where? My favorite trail, of course–The Wonderland, at Mt Rainier. By noon we were on the road. By 4:00 p.m. we were standing on top of Skyscraper Peak (7,078′) on the south side of Rainier. What a spectacular day with my sons!

That’s Mt Rainier behind us. It sure is nice to have a volcano in your backyard, so to speak.


El Salvador

San Diego de Tenango 2010

We spent a week in this village sponsored by Agros and UPC, getting to know the people, preparing the Corn Festival (more ways to eat and drink corn than I ever imagined), hand-mixing and spreading concrete floors, learning each other’s languages, praying, and admiring the beauty of life and this land.