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State Track Meet

Relay team arriving at stadium  4×100 handoff 

 4×100 anchor leg  4×200 anchor leg

congratulations on a good day’s work  dog-tired.JPG 




just a quick note here to let you see what I’m up to at home…

Benji relaxed while I did some yardwork:

Before  After 

 Benji in garden spot  track-meet-031.JPG

Jillian ran really fast 🙂 

BCS 4×100 prelim at state track meet - hand-off to anchor leg  …then she passed the girl in front of her and picked up speed

I saw the spine surgeon, and he and all the radiography technicians really liked my pictures:

2008-05-23 AP XRay.jpg  2008-05-23 Lateral XRay.jpg


Back in the Saddle

  David, John, Brian & Bruce: the fab four on wheels together again  Brian, John and David treated me to the best possible ride, which got me back in the saddle again for the first time in 10 months.  Thank you, guys!  It couldn’t have been a better day.  Thank God.  I am so fortunate to be able to ride with you!

 the best kind of tailgate party  Water Hazard  post-ride photo opp back at home 

 repairs & healing


Run, Jillian, Run

4×200 at Tri-District meet  For the fourth year in a row, Jillian will be representing BCS at the State Championships (Tacoma; May 23-24).  This year she is anchoring both the 4×100 and the 4×200.



many splendours  Tulips galore  fresh fields outside Keukhof gardens

Incredible variety of God’s creation.  He must be a God of infinite imagination, for that seems to be what life is all about.  Unending adventure stories and surprising beauty.  How can so many different colors of life and experience emerge from the dust of the earth?

  stop and smell the tulips!  zipping through life  Home of the globe-trotting Haarlem Hobbits?

Carmelite Cafe at church square in Haarlem  “I never met a wafel I didn’t like.”  extinction is in the mind

 Anne Frank House & canal in Amsterdam  St Bavo’s Cathedral, Haarlem  St Bavo’s

colors of the Nederlands


Trafalgar Square

Aslan prototype  Spring Break rendez-vous with Jillian & Nana in London.

Jillian at Glamis Palace  The Stone of Destiny (shown with replica king and stone here) Tower of London  Bruce with Pontien (CISF scholar/leader from Congo)



Athena Temple  Hydra Island sunset  Give us a a Spring Break, and we break for the land of feta, olives and other ancient wonders of civilization.  Nauplion was our home base, and a good choice it was.  Often called the most beautiful city in Greece, on the coast, sitting beneath the beautiful medieval fortress.

Mikenes  Nauplion town square  Hydra shops